In this post I’d like to talk about how your emotions can affect your health. The reason (or rather, the prompt) behind this post is that I seem to have got an eye infection again.


Now, a very brief history – as a small child, I had blocked up tear ducts all the time. I went to the Dr way too many times, and had horrible gel stuff put in my eyes at night, and all manner of nonsense. The Dr wanted to drill a hole into the side of my face to drain it out, but my parents didn’t agree. Then one day we were visiting an eye specialist for my grandpa, and so my parents mentioned my problem to the specialist. He pressed his fingers underneath my eye socket & massaged around that area, and that seemed to sort it all out!


And so I thought it was all over.


However, fast forward by oooh, about 20 years, and I found my right eye getting all blocked & gunky again. Turns out that whatever genetic weakness I have means that it’s like an Achilles Heel for me – if I get too run down, or I get stressed, then that’s where the illness appears. Oh, and in my throat as well it would appear (I’ve had tonsillitis 3 times now in the past 3 years – touch wood it’s left me alone for a while now!).


I have since had an eye infection a few times over a 7 year period (including as I’m typing this to you), and I’ve managed to put it down to a) being exhausted and b) being emotionally drained.


There are quite a few things going on in my life at the moment that are time-consuming and exhausting for me to deal with, so I know that’s contributed to the problem.


But what can you do when you can’t get rid of any of those things? (e.g. the job, the financial situation, the relationship; whatever is causing you problems).


In my case, I know I’m long overdue some time off, and luckily I have a week off booked in very soon. So I need to make sure that I don’t fill that week with plans & going out and doing too much – I need a couple of those days to be duvet days, by which I mean I don’t do any work, I don’t go out, I just stay at home and rest & sleep & take cat naps whenever I want them. I may not even get dressed.


Where some would call that lazy, I know I’m just looking after myself in the way that works for me. After all, I agree with the old Irish proverb “A long sleep and a good laugh are the two best cures for anything”


That will allow me to recharge my batteries and get back into the land of the living, and hopefully also give my body time to heal itself.


So the question is: what can you do to look after and heal yourself today?

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