Take Time Out For You - Organised Goddess blog postI was lying in bed this morning being thoroughly grateful for the lack of alarm clock (it’s Saturday as I type this), and I had all these thoughts wandering around my head – thoughts about my life, my business, my finances etc.


It occurred to me that the only reason I was paying attention to those thoughts was because I wasn’t rushing around to get ready for work; I had time to listen to my brain and start to make sense of the noise.


Normally, a thought might pop into my head but then it flies back out again as I’m rushing around trying to remember who I am (a common occurrence for the morning before I’ve had any tea), and what I’m supposed to be doing that day.  Or I get distracted by the cats and talk to them instead.


Anyway, it is vitally important in our busy lives that we take some time out for us.  Not to be a work colleague, sibling, aunt / uncle, partner, carer, or any of these things.  Time to just be us again.


Now, I can hear you saying, this is all well and good but I don’t have time for that!  I’m busy!


Yes, I say, but at what cost?


How’s your health?  Your well-being?  How are you sleeping?  What are you eating (i.e. is it mostly convenience food)?


We all function a lot more effectively when we look after ourselves first, as then we have a lot more to be able to give to others.


This could be as simple as having a hot bath for 20 uninterrupted minutes (shut & lock the door, warn everyone you are not to be disturbed for at least 20 minutes).


It could be a day off from work, pottering around the house – not doing chores, as that isn’t looking after you!  But rather, curling up on the sofa with a book you’ve wanted to read, meeting a friend for coffee, going to the hairdresser & actually enjoying it, rather than clock-watching to rush off to your next appointment.


It could be a spa day with a best friend or partner, or by yourself.  It could be a facial or massage at your local salon.  It could be a walk by the sea (though maybe not at the moment in the UK, as the coastline is battered by heavy storms!), or in your local woods.


Whatever it is, you need to block the time out in your diary (yes, even if it’s 20 minutes for a hot bath!) and treat it like you would an appointment with a professional (i.e. so you don’t bail out on it and leave it for another day – I see you!).


And whatever you do, DO NOT feel guilty for having some time for you!  How can you expect to look after anyone else if you don’t look after yourself?!


I have spoken!  (and I am very fierce, if only in my own mind!).


So…what one thing can you do today to look after yourself that little bit more?


With love and respect,

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