Organised Goddess - do you have a Goddess Mindset?When was the last time that you treated yourself like a Goddess?


When did you last do something nice for you; not something for your family, for your home, for your children or partner (if you have them)?


I’ve been doing a lot of work with and around female entrepreneurs, businesswomen, colleagues, and family – and one thing that they ALL have in common is that they don’t take enough time for themselves.


Self-care has become a ‘dirty’ word.


“Oh, I can’t, what will people think of me?”

“This housework won’t take care of itself”

“Time to go and get my hair cut?  You must be joking!”

“But I don’t really need to buy (whatever), I should be spending that money on the children / house / etc”


Now, I’m obviously not advocating shirking your responsibilities in life – bills do need paying, supermarket shopping does need to be done, and that does mean you may have to do some work to bring in some income (whether you work for yourself or are employed).


But when did it become ok for us to put ourselves last?  When did it become acceptable for us to give up on our hopes & dreams?


No-one will look after you more than you look after yourself.


It’s a cold hard truth, especially as so many of us give so much of ourselves to others.


How can you make sure that you treat yourself and value yourself as the Goddess that you are?


What makes you feel good?  That’s a great place to start!


Every morning, put on your invisible crown (trust me, just the act of putting on your invisible crown will do wonders for your posture!), and make sure that wherever possible, you practice being a Goddess both in body and mind.


For example, if someone tries to get into an argument with you – ask yourself – how would a Goddess behave?  If you’re stuck in traffic, rather than getting stressed, ask yourself, what would a Goddess do right now?  When you’re walking along the street – how would a Goddess carry herself?


Hold your head up high and remember – you are a Goddess!

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