What do you do when life has you down, and you just can’t seem to get yourself motivated to do anything?


My preferred choice is to go to bed with a cup of tea & a cat (or 2!) and sleep it all off.  But of course that isn’t always practical.


So instead, why not plaster on an attitude of gratitude?


No matter how crappy things might be looking, I can guarantee that you have things to be grateful for.  The clothes you’re wearing?  The tea you’re drinking?  The fact you can read?  Your education?  The fact you have a roof over your head?  The fact that your cats love you (yes, I use this one myself!).


After a few minutes of considering what is good about my life, I find I have managed to get myself out of my funk.


But tea & sleep always helps too!


So I would like you to consider this whenever you’re next feeling meh.  In fact, I’d like you to list 5 things right now that you’re grateful for.  Go on!


I’ll start you off:



1)     I am so happy and grateful that I have the sight to be able to read this


2)     …


3)     …


4)     …


5)     …


How did you get on?  Was it easy coming up with the other 4?  Did you keep going?


Please remember this technique whenever you’re feeling a bit meh about life – while it won’t solve everything, it will at least give you a little breathing space to chill & hopefully feel happier.


Purple sparkly blessings to you!

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