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FAB ecourse!!


I recently purchased the Decluttering Like An Organised Goddess ecourse, as I felt very overwhelmed with the state of my house.

I am very busy working a full time job whilst launching my own business and needed help decluttering (as I am a little hoarder at times).

I enjoyed getting an activity each day, the page was bright, colourful and easier to follow. I never felt overwhelmed as the activity/ task only took up to 20 minutes per day. Each day, I was able to focus on that activity and get it done and felt much better.

The energy in my house is so much better. If you are feeling overwhelmed, that this is the e-course for you, it’s straightforward and really helps you focus on one task at a time.

Brilliant, highly recommended course!

Becci Lewis – Coaching services and LOA practitioner



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