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For the sake of your sanity, don’t fall in the comparison trap!


You know the one I mean.


You’re idly flicking through Facebook and you see photos of someone from school that seems to have lost a lot of weight & looks good.

You see a former roommate in a job they love with loads of money.

You see people with the ‘perfect’ relationship (oh come on, we all know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all perfect relationship).


Or you’re thinking about creating something, and you think “why would anyone want to buy this from me, I don’t have as much talent as X or Y, or in fact Z” and then before you know it, you’ve talked yourself out of doing it.


Stop it!


You can’t know other people’s journeys.  We all have our own lives to lead, our own paths to forge, and we all have something to offer in this world.


So whenever you find yourself in this self-sabotaging mode, I want you to ask yourself the following questions:


~ What is it that I am comparing?  (so for example, is it their discipline, or their compassion, or their good fortune, or their willpower?)


~ How can I instil more of that trait into my life?  (e.g. if it’s their discipline for exercise, how could you build that into your life so it feels good to you?)


~ What is it that I like about other people’s products / experiences? (e.g. it might be the style of their graphics, or might be that they share beautiful photos, or a feeling accompanied by a certain behaviour)


~ How can I make my offering incorporate some of these while still keeping it different?




Basically, you’re looking for the positive ideas and actions that you can take from this, rather than just giving up & thinking “Oh I’ll never be like X, Y, Z”


So do it!  Answer those questions!  You might feel silly at first, but pop them on a bit of paper and let them sit with you for a while.


And then go and make it so!  You want to create something?  Go and do it!  No-one else will or can create it like you!  You want to adopt a new habit?  Go for it!


And most of all….be happy.  Life is too short to be anything else!

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