Organised Goddess - do you have a Goddess Mindset?When was the last time that you treated yourself like a Goddess?


When did you last do something nice for you; not something for your family, for your home, for your children or partner (if you have them)?


I’ve been doing a lot of work with and around female entrepreneurs, businesswomen, colleagues, and family – and one thing that they ALL have in common is that they don’t take enough time for themselves.


Self-care has become a ‘dirty’ word.


“Oh, I can’t, what will people think of me?”

Organised Goddess guide to improving your life square
How may of you make resolutions? And how many of those are the same as last year…and the year before, and the year before that?

I realised that to improve my life, I need to look at all areas of it, and make incremental changes in each area.

So, using the categories in my Wheel of Life workbook (free when you sign up to my newsletter), I created this Organised Goddess Guide to Improving Your Life.

Decluttering Like An Organised Goddess ecourse -  main graphicI thought it was high time I wrote a post explaining and sharing my Decluttering Like An Organised Goddess ecourse with you.


I put this together because I hate tidying.  I also hate cleaning.  But then I also am not especially fond of living in a pigsty (and with 2 cats & a boyfriend, it can sometimes turn into a giant mess).


Take Time Out For You - Organised Goddess blog postI was lying in bed this morning being thoroughly grateful for the lack of alarm clock (it’s Saturday as I type this), and I had all these thoughts wandering around my head – thoughts about my life, my business, my finances etc.


It occurred to me that the only reason I was paying attention to those thoughts was because I wasn’t rushing around to get ready for work; I had time to listen to my brain and start to make sense of the noise.


Organise Your Car Maintenance Schedule free downloadDo you know when your car MOT is due?  Or when your insurance runs out?  Or when your car was last serviced?


I’m one of those strange people that remembers dates & numbers rather well, but from talking to my friends over the years, most of them don’t have a clue when the car maintenance stuff is due, and so they often find themselves rushing around at the last minute trying to find somewhere to MOT the car before closing time, or worse, they’re driving round in an un-insured car or one where the MOT has expired.  All illegal in the UK.

Organised Goddess Don't Fall In The Comparison Trap image

For the sake of your sanity, don’t fall in the comparison trap!


You know the one I mean.


You’re idly flicking through Facebook and you see photos of someone from school that seems to have lost a lot of weight & looks good.

You see a former roommate in a job they love with loads of money.

You see people with the ‘perfect’ relationship (oh come on, we all know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all perfect relationship).


My Review - Leonie Dawson's 2014 Amazing Life and Business workbooksThe current year is coming to an end, which means that thoughts inevitably turn to the new year, and what we’d like to see happen in our lives.

Maybe 2013 didn’t work for you as you wanted it to.

Maybe sad things happened, or you lost your way, or you simply didn’t have time to make the changes that you wanted.

I know I often start the year full of excitement and promise, and by the time I go back to work a couple of days later, all that magic has gone, and it’s back to the same old…

Organised Goddess - My Experience at IGNITE Damsels In Success conference November 2013

I had a fantastic weekend at the IGNITE! Damsels in Success conference the weekend before last (23 & 24 November), so I thought I’d share a little of it with you.


I’m still typing up my notes that I took from the weekend, as I know otherwise I’ll go back to review them and wonder what on earth I wrote (my handwriting wasn’t exactly the neatest as I scribbled down notes).


Anyway, I digress.


Firstly, I should explain what the event was all about, and to do that, I’ll let Lucie explain:

Organised Goddess - Organise Your Blog Posts

Today I thought I’d share how I organise my blog posts.


You will see that each one has an image, and may or may not have an appropriate link (e.g. if I’m referring to a product, or another site etc).  So I’ve created a template that I use myself to organise my blog posts.



And I thought I’d share it with you (I know, I’m nice like that!)


Things you may want to consider:



PhotoGrid_1384289125132How good are you at goal setting?


Do you frequently achieve what you set out to do? Or are you usually left with a half-finished goal, and you forget what you set out to do, or can’t be arsed bothered any more?  (my mum told me off for having ‘arsed’!)


There’s a reason why goals should have some structure to them if you want to achieve them.


After all, you wouldn’t get in your car & decide to drive to somewhere you’d never been before without consulting a map (or an annoying sat nav that sends you off in the wrong direction).

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