Organise Your Menu Plans and Shoppnig ListsEver gone to the fridge & stared inside, willing a delicious meal to appear?


Ever gone round the supermarket in a half-starved, dazed state, and come out with a load of cakes but nothing sensible to eat?


Ever got home from work & gone “what shall I / we eat tonight” and then just had a piece of toast or got a takeaway because you either don’t have any food in the house or can’t be arsed to cook?


Well, you’re in luck – this blog post & free download should help you with this.

Organised Goddess Wheel of Life image

I hear you!


Sometimes our lives just become a big jumbled mess of spaghetti and we can’t tell the wood from the trees.


Other times, we’re annoyed with things and we just can’t put our finger on what or why.


In life coaching terms, we need the Wheel of Life.


So that’s what I’ve created for you!


The Wheel of Life helps to identify which areas of our lives are going well, and which aren’t going so well.




In this post I’d like to talk about how your emotions can affect your health. The reason (or rather, the prompt) behind this post is that I seem to have got an eye infection again.


Now, a very brief history – as a small child, I had blocked up tear ducts all the time. I went to the Dr way too many times, and had horrible gel stuff put in my eyes at night, and all manner of nonsense. The Dr wanted to drill a hole into the side of my face to drain it out, but my parents didn’t agree. Then one day we were visiting an eye specialist for my grandpa, and so my parents mentioned my problem to the specialist. He pressed his fingers underneath my eye socket & massaged around that area, and that seemed to sort it all out!



What do you do when life has you down, and you just can’t seem to get yourself motivated to do anything?


My preferred choice is to go to bed with a cup of tea & a cat (or 2!) and sleep it all off.  But of course that isn’t always practical.


So instead, why not plaster on an attitude of gratitude?


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