Organise Your Menu Plans and Shoppnig ListsEver gone to the fridge & stared inside, willing a delicious meal to appear?


Ever gone round the supermarket in a half-starved, dazed state, and come out with a load of cakes but nothing sensible to eat?


Ever got home from work & gone “what shall I / we eat tonight” and then just had a piece of toast or got a takeaway because you either don’t have any food in the house or can’t be arsed to cook?


Well, you’re in luck – this blog post & free download should help you with this.


Presenting: The Organised Goddess Menus, Meal Plans & Shopping Lists!


I got fed up with living in the situation I described above, and when I was living by myself I was also on a tight budget, so couldn’t afford to a) buy lots of food or b) waste food by letting it go off or not eating it within a decent timescale.


So I started making my own menu plans for the week. That way, I could make a proper shopping list, sticking to my budget (mostly), and know what I was going to eat each day & what I needed to prepare in the morning to eat that evening (hint – slow cookers are amazing in the winter!).


Then when I moved in with my boyfriend, I started off instigating the same. We don’t stick to it all the time as we tend to go in phases, but we find that we save a lot of money by actually planning what we’re going to eat, and it saves so much time when we know which of us is cooking in the evening & what we’re cooking (& that the ingredients are already purchased).


Rather than put all of this, including examples, into this blog post, I thought I’d create a free download for you.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 19.30.43


Simply click on the image above (or right click & save as…), and then make it so!




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