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I hear you!


Sometimes our lives just become a big jumbled mess of spaghetti and we can’t tell the wood from the trees.


Other times, we’re annoyed with things and we just can’t put our finger on what or why.


In life coaching terms, we need the Wheel of Life.


So that’s what I’ve created for you!


The Wheel of Life helps to identify which areas of our lives are going well, and which aren’t going so well.


That way, we can get clarity on what is bothering us the most, and what we can work on changing.


It may seem simple, but it’s actually a really powerful tool!


I explain more (and give you a Wheel of Life of your own to draw on) in the workbook that you can download for free once you’ve popped your name and email into the box at the bottom of this post.


(Or you could go for the box on the right at the top of this blog – your choice!)


I really hope that the exercises within the workbook help you – and if you think anyone else could benefit from this, then I’d be really grateful if you’d share this post with them!

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