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Today I thought I’d share how I organise my blog posts.


You will see that each one has an image, and may or may not have an appropriate link (e.g. if I’m referring to a product, or another site etc).  So I’ve created a template that I use myself to organise my blog posts.



And I thought I’d share it with you (I know, I’m nice like that!)


Things you may want to consider:


~ Whether you will post on a certain day / date?  For example, I’m trialling sharing one blog post a week, on a Thursday.

~ Whether you want to include an affiliate link (and if so, please cloak it – if you use WordPress, you can use Pretty Link Lite to cloak your links for free).

~ What are the main points you want to get across in your post?

~ What call to action will you use (i.e. what do you want your reader to do after they’ve read your post)


The free download covers a couple of other areas as well, so please check it out by clicking on the image below!


Organised Goddess picture of Blog Post checklist template - download it here


(as always, right click & Save As… to download it)


Then you may wish to consider how you schedule in your posts.


For example, I have a running list that I add to whenever I get a blog post idea, and then I look for a relevant timeslot – so perhaps there’s a product launching that you’ve reviewed?  Schedule your post for that week.   A seasonal blog post (e.g. Xmas, Easter, summer holidays, Halloween etc)?  A celebration?  I know some people do a “it’s my birthday so here’s an offer for you”-type posts.


My plan at the end of this year is to look ahead to next year, think about the holidays or other reasons to celebrate, and see if I can tie in something relevant.


Then (this is the most important bit), I will schedule it all in to my diary.  That way, I have a reminder each week of the blog post I need to create, rather than scrabbling around for ideas at the last minute!


After all, an Organised Goddess is a happy goddess!


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